Hello, I had my Ipod Touch 3rd gen working fine (JB-ed with Spirit), on 3.2.3 I guess, then I decided to upgrade to 4.x. I've read an article that I had to install some spirit2pawn patch, I did and after that the battery drained (not because of that) and could not reboot anymore. Tried all combinations of buttons to press but nothing happens, it's black as a brick... Itunes says it's in the recovery mode and I need to restore. I think it's this issue:
Warning VIA iH8sn0w: New Bootrom users MUST NOT install Spirit2Pwn. It flashes the NOR for old bootroms! You may go into a DFU loop. STAY AWAY!
I don't have any blobs saved.
I reinstalled Itunes a while ago so don't know if restore will work either (I found some backup folders in the (Windows) App Data folder). iFunbox, TinyUmbrella don't see it, only IReb recognized it and made it ready for restore.
Do you think it can be fixed and most importantly save the data from it? Thank you so much for any advice that might help!