i do not know if someone else done this, but here is how i solve the problem to install cydia in this new vercion.

I tried the red sno0w thing from dev team ( nice work) and can jail break the touch, but when i see my touch, cydia was not there so i start to read and search.

i saw that dev team sugest us that copy the folders they give us into Pwnage tool, but if u copy the entire folder in the pwnage tool u erase the cydia, so i compare both folders and they content, sawing that the diff was big, the new cydia bundle no has the complete folders just a replacement with 1 file.
and the other thing that dev team gave us is the signature for pwnage tool recognize the new vercion ( iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore)

well much blah blah blah here is the solution

when u prepare ur pwnage tool do this

Pwnnage Tool -> right click -> Show packages -> Contents ->Resoruces -> Custome Packages

right click on CydiaInstaller.bundle show package content and then u will see 3 files

Files Info.plist space.sh

the clue is open info.plist and u will see tons of this like string


go to the bottom of this list and add this new one

i guess if for cydia identify the vercion

then save the file

and now go to Pwnnage Tool -> right click -> Show packages -> Contents ->Resoruces -> Custome Packages -> FirmwareBundles

and just copy paste this file iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a.bundle

and voila

close pwnage tool

star it do it ur own vercion of ipsw with cydia, and continue following the steps of red sn0w

this is the only new part i modify to get cydia in my ipodtouch

Hope this will be usefull

I did this in my macbook pro with the redsn0w how to and the libusb added, before start it.

and if i can post my ipsw to avoid all this i will do.

Good luck

( i post this how to in 2 others forums, ipodfans and underground.org.mx )