Hi there,

after half a year not being possible to use my (in the past) loved iTouch 16 Gb, It tried jailbreaking it with redsnow and it worked.

I got the grey Wifi issue since I updated to 3.1.3 via Itunes. My Wifi lagged in the settings, so I decided to turn the device off which was very wrong.

Since then the battery drained like cracy on the next boot and the wifi was gray in the settings menu.

My jailbreak showed in the boot sequence:
AppleMRVL868x No data in device tree

AppleMrvl868x Mac address all 00's

So this means this is a software failure! I actually got the wlan working for a short time using Wlan Fixer and Pushfix UNTIL I installed two apps via iTunes from the regular iTunes store.

I desperately tried to fall back to 1.1 Firmware which I got the iPod with back in the day. But with iTunes 9.1 I can just flash back to 3.0 below gets canceled with error 20 (random) or 1601 (with the device not able to boot up from DFU mode during the flash process)

Any suggestions?

i would be happy if I could just disable wifi completely so the battery lasts longer than a few hours in stand-by.

Apple told me they want 220 for a replace. Are they drunk? This is a software issue!!!!