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    Default Unknown Error, Help diagnosing? [1.1.3]

    So I have a problem with my 16gb jail broken ipod touch running 1.1.3

    I have found a way to temporarily alleviate the problem, but it is in no way a fix to the problem

    The problem is, I donít know what is causing the situation so I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problem and knew a better fix.

    Iíve tried to install iblackjack and iquickblock which both result in the same problem. After installing either one, when I leave the installer program and return to the spring board, I get the spinning gears like usual.

    The difference is, this time the keep going for ever. At one point, maybe after three minuets of this pointless spinning, the ipod gives up and restarts, at which point it will never leave the apple logo.

    I suspect it never enters a run level higher then 2, there for, using SSH is out of the question.

    If you restart the ipod during the near endless spinning gears, or try to break out of this in any method, the ipod is rendered broken. When I tried to use the ibricker program to fix it, I had no success.

    Now, if this occurred I would have to wipe the ipod and jail break it all over again, I have to do this twice, it was a very long and retarded process that I would like to never go through again.

    The third time this situation occurred, I figured out how to break out of the spinning gears without bricking myself. I used the ibricker programís method of managing files from my laptop to go into the /Application/iblackjack/ or into the /Application/iquickblock/ and deleted the .plist file.

    I assumed this made the program appear transparent, even though all the other program files were still there. There for whatever was causing the hang-up skipped over the application and booted up.

    I donít know why this problem is happening, so I donít know how to fix it. My solution merely saves me from wiping the ipod and starting over. I was hoping someone else might be having the same problem so that I know its not just me.

    What I think I know is that it appears that my symlinks appear to be working fine, and that I have 119mb free on my 300mb partition. I also have 11gb free of my remaining 15gb partition.

    It has been suggested that I can install a maximum of 80 or so packages. Is this true? I understand that the springboard can support up to 9 pages, and currently I am only using 5. That being said, I have about 78 packages installed, which include source packages, terminal fixís, chat client fixes, etcÖ am I going in the wrong direction? If there is an 80 or so package limit, what is imposing this? The installer app? Is there a way to fix this?

    Any chance somebody can help?
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