Soooo, I jailbroke my ipod and got the Safari download plugin 2.0 from cydia. I also got the FileViewer app from cydia to view the downloaded files. After trying to download some videos from I encountered the following problems:
1) When I tried to download the video, it downloaded some 50kb of data, not nearly enough to be the 10min long video.
2)When I tried to simply stream the video, I got an error message saying that the video could not be played. This started after installing the safari download plugin, and it works fine if it is uninstalled.
3)When I went to try and view the "video" that I downloaded in the var/mobile/library/downloads directory, the file that should have been the video was instead the entire web page, excluding the video itself. Where the video was supposed to be there was the small cube icon usually displayed where a flash file is, even though dailymotion uses quicktime for its videos.

Does anyone know how to solve any one of these problems? Any help you can offer would be well appreciated!