Hello, i will try to make this quick with all the details, I recently bought a ipod touch 3g (64gb, MC model), it has never been jailbroken, which is what i am trying to do. Which I need to get downgraded to 3.1.2(i researched a lot)

long story short, i installed f0recast and it said that my model could be jailbroken, if SHSH was saved, as well that i need shsh blobs to downgrade in order to jailbreak so i found umbrella and i am confused of the steps.

I am running windows vista home premium 32 bit

So i downloaded the firmware for iPod3,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore and
first thing i do is go to the "hosts" file, i make sure nothing is there under (instructions in the readme file) localhost
::1 localhost
then i add, gs.apple.com, i did figured out how to get my ecid for my ipod touch (umbrella opens find), but which server is the best thing since it hasnt been jailbroken before? honestly i will admit i tried all three.

i am not sure how to disable the servers using port 80, tried googling it but really confused.

then i edit the hosts file again, run cmd , it pings with 0% loss.

now umm the readme file and the instructions online kinda confusing, what i mean is that the readme file only says to add gs.apple.com, online it says to add both. which one is it?

now since i am having trouble with disabling the servers, one thing that happens , when i go to verify with tinytss. it will open and close so fast that i can basically just see it opens in the cmd prompt. so i am going to guess that its happening due to the other webservers not being disable. one more thing , even though it didnt work, when i went to tried to restored. it said that it couldnt be done since the updated server, was not available.

so I know i provided a lot of info but i really hope you can help me, this is actually my first time i have done something like this. please get back to me as soon as you can.

Little Dragon