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Discuss [Problem] iPod not recognized at the iPod Touch 1G -; I’ve been looking through these forums and searching google for like 4 days straight and ...
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    Default [Problem] iPod not recognized

    I’ve been looking through these forums and searching google for like 4 days straight and I’m just clueless.

    I have an ipod touch 1g (no idea of firmware or if its jailbroken), when I turn it on I get the itunes logo and the usb logo, but itunes on my pc doesn’t automatically open when I do this, if I open itunes it will say in restore mode etc, then when its trying to restore it will disconnect then reconnect as I have shown in the picture, and in the end it will say also if I put the ipod into dfu mode I tunes doesn’t pop up, if I do this with itunes open or open it after then it just saying waiting for ipod and doesn’t progress past this point.

    Because its not recognising it wont let me write any restore or do anything to fix ipod at all, no other software picks it up in regular or dfu, all I get is no ipod found can anybody help

    I'd like to note that 2 days ago I could put it into normal and dfu mode and itunes wud pop up straight away but in dfu mode it would just kick straight into recovery, I’m really stuck and would like to get it working ASAP.

    Oh and if I don’t open itunes and I put it on with the usb it doesn’t show any errors in device manager, and if I put it in dfu mode it doesn’t show any errors either but programs cant find ipod.

    If I use it on a different pc, it will show up when I plug it in and if I try to put in dfu then it will just kick straight back into recovery.

    I’m sorry this post is so mixed up I hope somebody can help.


    Windows XP
    Latest Itunes (uninstalled all apple stuff and reinstalled, same problems) also tried installing libusb

    here is log from irecovery

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Sika>cd desktop

    C:\Documents and Settings\Sika\Desktop>cd ifix_windows

    C:\Documents and Settings\Sika\Desktop\ifix_windows>cd 1

    C:\Documents and Settings\Sika\Desktop\ifix_windows\1>iRecovery -s
    iRecovery - Recovery Utility
    by wEsTbAeR-- and Tom3q

    Got USB

    :: iBoot for n45ap, Copyright 2008, Apple Inc.
    :: BUILD_TAG: iBoot-385.49
    :: USB_SERIAL_NUMBER: CPID:8900 CPRV:20 CPFM:03 SCEP:04 BDID:02 ECID:000003
    332419638D SRNM:[1C743E78W4N]

    [FTL:MSG] Apple NAND Driver (AND) RO
    [NAND] Device ID 0x2555d5ec
    [NAND] PAGES_PER_BANK 1048576
    [FTL:MSG] FIL_Init [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] BUF_Init [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] FPart Init [OK]
    read old style signature 0x43303034 (line:286)
    [FTL:MSG] VFL Register [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] VFL Init [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] VFL_Open [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] FTL Register [OK]
    [FTL:MSG] FTL_Open [OK]
    Boot Failure Count: 15 Panic Fail Count: 0
    Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt
    ] (Recovery) iPhone$ fsboot
    HFSInitPartition: 0x180346f8
    Not HFS+ (signature 0xffff)
    root filesystem mount failed
    (Recovery) iPhone$

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