Im have a iPodTouch of 16GB 1.1.2 jailbrocken ok.
And a Mac B&W 300Mhz with OS X 10.4.11 and 384MB of RAM with a PCI USB CARD with NEC chip.

I can see the ipod on the system profiler, but when i start the itunes the follow error appears
" iTunes could not connect to the iPod "ipodname" because the pairing record is missing. "

im try to delete all the itunes and download of apple and try again but im see the same error

im also try to start the mac and later connect the cable and ipod, but not diferences.

Im move the application folder of the ipodtouch to the partition when im put the mp3 and photos, the ipod works fine, im never have a problem with the jailbroken.

Im at this time sync with my T60 of the work but im want to sync with the mac.

Sorry for my english

Thanks for the help !