I've got an SSH Tunnel configured to let me access sites blocked by the "great firewall" using this command:

ssh -fNCq -i ~/.ssh/id_dsa -l username -L 8080:remotehost:8080 remotehost
and I've set up a manual HTTP proxy to route everything to localhost:8080.

The remotehost is a ubuntu server in the US. Everything works with my Win7 desktops using Putty - including Youtube videos. Facebook, Twitter, etc. also work on my 2G Touch, and I get Youtube web pages, BUT NO VIDEOS.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? could it be that I'm only proxying port 80, and not whatever port youtube uses to stream video?

I'm open to suggestions on how to debug, or an alternate solution for the Ipod Touch.

Note: I heard that the Touch doesn't support connections to OpenVPN on ubuntu, or I would try that.