Hello people,

My 16GB 1st Gen iTouch has developed this strange problem. I had been using the 3.0 firmware until this morning, when I wanted to downgrade. I did the norm by plugging into iTunes and so on.

The screen went white,and finally came back to the Apple logo, only to find a USB lead on screen, along with the iTunes logo, just saying 'iTunes'.

Without hesitating, I realised something was wrong. After this, it wont let me restore it, even by holding Shift + Restore. Ive put it in DFU mode, with no luck, and also Recovery Mode to no avail.

I have noticed though, that every firmware has a different error number..

It also is not recognised by iTunes when it's plugged in, only recognised in DFU or recovery.

I really have no idea whats wrong with it, and this is my last resort after looking on the net for solutions for hours.

Any help is muchly appreciated. Thanks