At first when your reading this you might think "is this guy stupid all he hast to do is hold down power and the home button for about 30 seconds, and restore". Well yes that is correct, But heres the whole story i have recently jailbroken my ipod touch 2g on 4.0 firmware using Jailbreak me 2.0 (im still not sure if this is the causer of this problem) but since then whenever i reboot (trying to download winterboard) my ipod it gets stuck on the apple logo, ive had to restore my ipod about 4 times today wich has been a pain in the a@@, Is this a common problem with using Jailbreakme ? or the main causer could be me sshing, trying to download shrink 0.9.4-3, it was a deb file and i installed it in the tmp folder. the app never worked it only caused the springboard to crash so i decided to try and redownload it after deleting it in cydia, the same thing happend again except this time instead of the springboard crashing i got stuck on the apple reboot logo so i restored (then noticed Jailbreakme)

If this has happend to anyone before please tell me how you fixed it or wernt able to , thanks ZF