Hey Guys,

a few days ago a had to resolder the black cable of my iPod touch 1st Battery, because it lost conection after my iPod felt down.
So i resoldered it and then my iPod didnt charged. i restored it but this didnīt worked, too.
I bought a new battery and soldered to my iPod touch, but same.
So i found out, that if your iPod doesnīt charge after Battery replacement your
white wire has no connection, so would like to jump the white wire of my iPod touch to the mainboard, which had been done on a iPhone before

My Question is:

1. is the white wire the fault?

2. where can i connect it (jump) to the mainboard?

Would be really cool if anyone could help me with it, i really love my iPod touch 1st, because it was the last present from my grandpa und grandma before they died 2 years ago