I have been looking for a device that can do this and maybe someone out there knows how to make an iPhone/iPod Touch do it!?

For my company I need a device with these capabilities:

- Touchscreen
- Dual Video (Display + AV-out simultaneously)
- AV out (S-Video not DVI)
- 12 - 24 volts (in-car voltage)
- DRM Win or AAC

Dual video means that I can choose the files/pics/vids on the iPhone/iPod Touch screen, and at the same time show the same image simultaneously through video-out on TV.

Current configurations of the iPhone/iPod Touch only allows one or the other.

NB: There is no other device that can do it. Tablet PCs have no video-out, Archos/PSP et al have the same restrictions as iPhones/iPods do.