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Discuss Global Itouch Faq To Solve All The Problems.please Read Before Asking! at the iPod Touch 1G -; Hello, I want ALL of you to read this thread before asking questions. So imagine ...
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    Default Global Itouch Faq To Solve All The Problems.please Read Before Asking!

    I want ALL of you to read this thread before asking questions.

    So imagine we got a new iPod Touch (iTouch),OTB (Out of The Box.)! We see only the folowing icons:Settings,Contacts,Video,Music,Safari,Photos. ... As you all know there is JANUARY UPDATE,which allows you to use iPhone functions,exept the phone of course. It will work on 1.1.3/4,NOT on 1.1,1.1.1,1.1.2, BUT THIS UPDATE COSTS 20$! Not many of us want to pay 20$ for this,SO guys from ispazio brought us a JANUARY PRESENT! You can get this for free!

    1.) First of all we need to set up installer,and jailbreak iPod Touch!

    To do this simply:
    1. Get your iPod Touch out of the box,open it and turn on.
    2. Download iTunes from and install it.
    3. Connect your iPod through USB cable and iTunes will recognize it.
    4. Press RESTORE button and click OK,it will download 1.1.4 firmware and restore your iPod to factory settings! If your iPhone is 1.1.4OTB you DO NOT need to do this!(To check firmware version go to settings-about and you will se it there.)
    5. After process finishes download Ziphone ( and extract it to your desktop...
    6. Click JAILBREAK IPOD! And after 45 secs the process will finish.....
    7. It will reboot and you will see Zibris Blog icon and Installer.
    8. Set up your WiFi connection and go to installer.
    9. add to your sources. (go to sources-edit-add)
    10. install Mobile Enchancer from RipDev category and reboot your iTouch.
    11. install BSD Susystem from System Category.
    12. add to your sources.
    13. install "1.1.3/4 IPOD FULL FEATURES"
    14. Press Home button and slide to unlock. Then you WILL SE JANUARY UPDATE FOR FREE!

    2.) Well you need to upload music! HowTO DO THIS?

    First iPod supports mp4(video),mp3(audio),and m4r(audio).
    For video you may need a converter. I use Videora iPod Touch converter FREE! ( ). Well I guess that all folks. :finder:
    If you want update this FAQ PM me! If you have questions ask them here!

    Ok,Then goes HOW TOs.

    1. many ask,how to upload themes and games if i have NO WiFi?
    Here is the answer-

    2. is iPhone Browser
    Iphone Browser is for ALL firmwares!

    So Lets start.

    1. download it you will need to click " SetupiPhoneBrowser.1.52.exe"
    2 .Open it
    3. Plug your iPhone.
    4. Download an FILE which you want to upload in format .app for Exaple
    5. Copy the folder into directory ../applications/ on your iPhone/iPod. As a result it will be ../applications/
    6. Then set up PERMISSIONS 755 TO ALL FILES THERE! (you can do that through Mobile Squid or Win Scp)
    7. Turn your iPhone on/off and YOUR APP WILL WORK!

    How to set up permissions to 0755?
    You can do this in 2 ways,for 1 (through WinScp) you need WiFi,For squid No!

    1. Download and install Win Scp ( http://rapid$ ) $=s
    2. Download BSD Subsystem an Open SSH.
    3. After that reboot it and set auto lock to never
    4. Connect to WiFI
    5. After this view your IP adress
    6. Then launch WinSCP and in connection settings type :

    Host name : YOUR IP Address
    User name : root
    Password : dottie (if your firmware is 1.0.2)

    For firmwares 1.0.0-1.0.2 iPhone password- dottie
    For firmwares 1.1.1-1.1.2 iPhone password - alpine

    Protocol : SCP

    7. Then press “Login” conect, then click - “Yes”. After this you will have an acsess throug file system of IPOD TOUCH. Then we choose a folder with our file. (Need to be uploaded with iPhone Browser.) Hold control and select ALL files and press F9 or right button and in octal type 0755.

    3.) For squid-sqid its a mobile finder. Do this

    1. navigate to the folder and file by file set permissions to 0755.
    2. Select the first file and put 3 ticks (EXEC,EXEC,EXEC) and hit APPLY.
    3. reboot your iPod and ALL WILL WORK!
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    Default Step 13 is out of date

    > 13. install "1.1.3/4 IPOD FULL FEATURES"

    After adding the "" among the sources, I do not see any installable item as stated in step 13. I have looked under "Install/All Packages" and going directly to "Sources/iSpazio/More info". Even searched "", no match.

    Where has this "1.1.3/4 IPOD FULL FEATURES" item moved to? Did they take it offline or something? Has its name changed?

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    well I took the source "" . Don't forget to refresh after adding sources. Then you will find the "1.1.3/4 iPod Full Features" in the Tweak category. You also could search in "All Packages" by using the search function.

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    Im also looking to reinstall "1.1.3/4 IPOD FULL FEATURES", tried and "" (doesnt seem to exist) and did an installer refresh followed by a full reboot, search under all packages does NOT reveal this app. Can anyone please try it now and verify it hasnt been removed? Any other source where I can find it?

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    Plz, i got in trouble with the instructions for the full packadge.
    When i was jailbraking the IPod some error occured. It stopped and it askd me to restore it. Now i cannot connect the IPod with ITunes, actualy the program can't recognise it.On the screen there is only some code:IPod cannot start! Need configuration.
    Can u tell how can i fix it, becouse its dead.Plz write



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