What am l trying to do?
l record internet radio into a single folder about 100 tunes on average.
I then place it in my windows music folder and when l want to play music from this folder l just select it from my music folder select it open the folder and play tunes from it as l select them which is fine and how l prefer it.

My problem is when l import the Folder into i tunes it imports it in as seperate tunes and the music is not maintained wihin the folder.

This means when l want to play music by i tunes or my i touch l have to search through up to 100,s seperate tunes rather than clicking on a complete folder cointaining the tune l am after.

So what l would like to do is to keep an imported folder into i tunes just like l can in My Music rather than a 100 or so seperate tunes not enclosed witin a folder

Please help is it possible thanks for any forthcoming help.