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Discuss [Battery] iPod Touch not charging... at the iPod Touch 1G -; Originally Posted by banana09 Hey Guys, i had the same Porblem after changing the Battery, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by banana09 View Post
    Hey Guys, i had the same Porblem after changing the Battery, Anyone knows why?
    ANyone found out a jumper connection?
    Although an old thread, someone will find it just like I did when looking for help. I had the same problem as the poster quoted above: after soldering a new battery in place, it would run on the power already in the battery, but would not charge. I tried all the resets, different cables, wall chargers, etc., to no avail. I then decided to try the old battery again.

    When I unsoldered the new battery from the iPod, I saw that despite using additional flux to help the solder flow through the tiny holes in the cable end, and between the battery flex and the PCB, the middle connector of the flex had not soldered at all - the underside pad on the flex was still brass coloured. The centre pin is to do with current sense, using a resistor on the battery's little PCB which is probably very low resistance and with a very low tolerance. Without this current sense ability, the iPod's logic board cannot determine charge state accurately, nor does it receive feedback when attempting to charge, and so it doesn't charge it. Tinning the centre pad before resoldering did the trick.

    Incidentally, for those who have this problem and nothing else mentioned has helped, and you haven't opened your iPod and changed the battery, then the cause could be that the resistor on the battery's PCB has failed. In laptops that use these current sense resistors, I have come across them burnt from either excessive current applied to them, or their resistance has increased for whatever reason and caused overheating from the high current flow through a high resistance. So, change the battery. Bear in mind it needs good soldering skills, a steady hand and a lot of care not to touch any of the tiny surface-mount components, because if you unsolder one, or fracture it from the board, it's goodnight iPod.

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    I think you can charge it using a firewire cable but cannot sync it.


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