My first post on Hackint0sh, and it's a trade one. I guess it must sound like somewhat of a scam. However, this is very much legit.

As the title says, I have two iPhone 3GS for trade. A friend of mine runs a bar and found these at two different occasions. He's been keeping them awaiting someone to come and claim them, but no one has. So, after having them for a couple of months, he gave them to me to see if they could be used. They are currently running iOS 4.0.1 and are jailbroken with jailbreakme and Sim-unlocked with Ultrasn0w. However, it would seem like the original owners have filed them as missing, and they seem to be blocked at an operator level here in Sweden.

So, I was thinking that if it's still possible to use them abroad, perhaps someone can have some use for them. They are both in very good condition. I'd be looking to trade these for an iPhone 4 or possibly two other iPhone 3GS which are not blocked in Sweden. I have feedback in other forums doing trades abroad as well as selling stuff on auction pages. I'd be looking to do this trade with someone equally trustworthy.