As the title states--

iPhone 4, 32GB, Black, locked to AT&T. Perfect condition (been in a case w/ screen protector since day one), with all SHSH from 4.0 to 5.0. It is currently LOCKED, but out of contract. AT&T will not unlock the device (I've tried, they just won't do it) so unfortunately I can't sell it as unlocked.

It is currently running iOS 5 with the iOS 5 baseband, so it is not susceptible presently to ultrasn0w unlocks, though there's a possibility of ultrasn0w supporting this baseband in the future.

If I sell it to someone in the US, shipping is included in the $300. If it's outside the US, I'll charge to the penny what I'm charged for shipping in addition to the $300. It will ship packed in the original box with all original accessories in perfect condition as well. I will ship the package insured.

My ETA to sell the phone is in approximately 20-25 days -- my 4S is (of course) on backorder until then.