Need to register your iPhone's UDID to use the OS 4.0 beta?

Problem solved. I can use my developer account to register your UDID, and provide you with the right beta (and future ones) for your device.

All for just $2.50, not $5.00 and not $10.00. I'm just looking to recoup the costs of my developer's account.

If you're interested, just send me $2.50 per UDID via Paypal to and in the comments box, send the UDIDs you need activated and your Hackint0sh username. I'll activate your UDIDs and PM you a confirmation with links for the beta.

How can I check my UDID?
Just plug your iPhone into iTunes, go to the summary tab, and click on "serial number". It should change to "identifier". Just hit Command + C (Control + C for you Windows folks) to copy it.