Water damaged my iphone. Lcd screen is slightlu pixlated at bottom left corner about 3/4" STILL VERRY USEABLE. Digitizer skecky meaning it works when it feels like it most of the time it does but it it does not respond shakeing it a littlebit seems to fix the issue. Takeing the thing apart is a little more complicated than I figured it would be as I was just going to replace the digitizer. Decided parting it out and just biteing the bullet and getting a replacement is my best option,

Logic bord 2g 8gb $70+shipping

$15 + shipping

Backing (slightly bent and bottom edges from removal) includes all switches and jack)
$30 + shipping

Battery ( outside foil not battery caseing torn from removal) still serviceable.
$10 + shipping

LCD screen\bezel\homebutton\digitizer
$85+ shipping

All prices are obo but no lowballing please email @ h1s1k@yahoo dot com, can and will supply photos but can't post photos on here with my sidekick ( miss my iphone