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Discuss Toolchain Headers+Substrate.h+xCode problem! at the iPhone Developer Exchange -; I use xCode to compile MS Dylibs, It works just fine! (Using this method: Link ...
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    Default Toolchain Headers+Substrate.h+xCode problem!

    I use xCode to compile MS Dylibs, It works just fine!
    (Using this method:Link)
    few hours ago, when I tried to do this:

    #import <SpringBoard/SBAwayItemsView.h>
    It said that "UIModalView.h" is required! after a little digging I found out SDK does not provide that header and I have to use toolchain headers!

    so I installed toolchain headers in:

    and finally the problem!
    everything works fine before I add these lines as "other C flags":
    (without enters! all in the same line)
    same issue when just use this as "other c flags":
    Now what does substrate.h have to do with this?
    It uses "objc/runtime.h" and "runtime.h" generates 45 errors of:
    error: expected initializer before 'OBJC2_UNAVAILABLE'
    and these weird errors appears too:
    warning: 'NSString' may not respond to '-stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:withString:'
    error: 'UIFont' was not declared in this scope
    and some other errors.(as it is not familiar with anything!)

    What am I supposed to do?
    (If it wasn't obvious I'm trying to find a way to use toolchain headers!)
    (If possible, I want to use both SDK and toolchain at the same time!)
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