Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this an accurate representation of the 3 stickies above:

[Tool Chain] run APIs with Apple SDK

NerveGas describes how to enable the use of private APIs within the Apple SDK. So you can develop 2.0 apps that use the frameworks that were available in the open toolchain, but closed by Apple.

[XCode Template] for SDK Beta 3 and Tool Chain API

This is an optimization of the previous approach, since it bundles the changes into a template -- so you can switch between the standard Apple SDK and the open toolchain-in-the-SDK approach of NerveGas.

[HOWTO] Use Apple SDK to build 1.1.4 apps

This allows you to use the Apple SDK to build apps that will run on current 1.1.4 devices.

Is this accurate? As a newcomer to the SDK (but a developer with the open toolchain), it took me a while to figure out how the above approaches related to each other -- I hope that this is accurate, and if so that this information can help someone else. If it is not accurate, please post corrections (or even a separate sticky that can replace my post) which I can incorporate into this post -- with the aim of helping people who are new to the SDK and might be confused by the various approaches.