iam very new to this all iphone Stuff, i have an Iphone 3G and want to start programing kind of a contract tool for T-Mobile which should do the following things:

1. Select which contract you choose (Complete S, M, L or XL)
with this selections you set different variables for example with the S you set:
minutes_inclusive = 50
after_inclusive = 0,29
weekend_flat = true
sms_inclusive = 0
internet_data_traffic_inclusive = 500MB
internet_data_traffic_after_inclusive = 0,49
Hotspot_enabled = false
beat = 60/1
autoround_datavolume_onceaday = true

2. Collecting user specified information ( preferences) like
date_of_contract_activation = 01.08.2008
show_warning_before_minutes_inclusive_is_over = true
show_warning_before_internet_data_traffic_inclusiv e_is_over = true
disable_outgoing_calls_after_inclusive = true
disable_outgoing_internet_traffic_after_inclusive = true
Auto_Reset_on_every_01_ofnewmonth = true

3. monitor every outgoing call and internet traffic
i dont know how to do this.

the Main Idea is to monitor youre Calls and Inclusive Volume signed by youre contract to avoid big bomb invoices.

Is there any interest in the community ? it will be open source of course, living from donations. I will make it able to load it by appstore. The first release will only be with the new signed contract by t-mobile germany buying an ne Iphone 3G.
Further releases are planned to cover alot more contracts.

Thanks for youre patiant.

Best regards,