I'm having a strange problem here.. I'm working on an app, which should work as a manager for gnupg. GnuPG can be installed from cydia as a command line tool. Now.. The moment i try to excecute a shell script which consists of something like: cat password.txt | gpg -d -a --yes --passphrase-fd 0 -o decrypted.txt encrypted.txt something goes very wrong..
The app doesn't freeze, terminate or anything. The script simply doesn't excecute. I'm using a NSMutableArray to sum up the command for the shellscript. Then i use the writeToFile function to write the command to gpgCommand.sh. Then i call system("chmod 755 gpgCommand.sh") and finally system("./gpgCommand.sh"). The ONLY thing that doesn't happen is the last system() call. and there can't be anything wrong with the syntax, i've checked it a dozen times. When use mobile terminal and go into the directory with the files mentioned above everything is there except for the decrypted.txt. gpgCommand.sh also has the right permissions and here's the strangest thing: when i type ./gpgCommand.sh (in mobile terminal), the script excecutes and abracadabra! the decrypted.txt is there and correctly decrypted. I repeat: i'm doing exactly the same thing in mobile terminal (as user mobile) my app should be doing. I really can't understand why the script doesn't excecute from within the app. Is it because gpg can't show output? Should i try with > dev0 ?? Please all you smart coders, help me out! It's my first app and it would be of great value to me if i get it to work.. Thanks!