Introducing S1lv3r Signer

Now, s1lv3r is more for Cydia developers. s1lv3r is an application that makes signing with ldid, installing the app onto your iPhone, and getting your apps ready for submission to your respective Cydia repo, an all-in-one, 1-click solution!

We have been working on s1lv3r for a long time now. We thought, “man, signing apps, having to install them on your iPhone, and then having to do this repeatedly is such a long and unnecessaryly long process”. So we got to work. Brandon coded 99.99% of this entire application, and pushed this entire project along. I think he did an amazing job.

Now, s1lv3r will automate using ldid (signing method required for apps to run and be accepted on Cydia), and I said this app was more for developers, so you won’t have to SSH the app onto the phone, open MobileTerminal, su root and log in, ldid -S and a long path, then test, SSH it out, and ugh! Just a huge hastle. s1lv3r just works.

So s1lv3r can both sign your app, and it can SSH it into your iPhone or iPod touch if you wanted to, along with either a reboot/respring to make the app appear.

This app is also wrapped around a good looking GUI, that Alan created, that will make it all easy to use.

s1lv3r will be available for free to everyone who wants it! We will be launching s1lv3r on Monday, January 25, 2010! That’s a week from now. So set your calendars! Also, check out our other Press Release on SocialMe, our latest application for the iPhone!