One of the biggest things i like about the ipod touch (among many) is the notes feature.

Right at this moment I have over 500 notes on my ipod. ( i know, its ridiculous)

I use my notes program for grocery lists, calorie counting, workout logs, journal logs, writing down random ideas that pop into my head, to do lists and whatever else you could possibly think of using it for.

I have a couple problems with it though..1. the default notes program is way too simple and lacks function. 2. it takes me a ridiculously long time to upload the notes onto my computer and then organize them into category folders.(I email them to myself(I havent jailbroken my ipod & got iphone pc suite because Id lose too much important info by restoring))

Now, youd think that without a doubt the release of the apps store would have solved my problem, but to my absolute surprise, no it hasn't.

The notes programs on the appstore are absolutely terrible. The people who made these notes programs have obviously never used the iphone or ipod touch for writing notes! Is it just me, or are all the appstore note programs unbelievably terrible?

the problems with these note programs are...

-that they all serve 1 individual purpose, whether it be calorie counting, audio notes or making to do lists etc.

-they have preset categories and do not allow you to make your own categories.

-some actually dropped some of the good features that the original notes program has(wtf)

In response to this outrageous BS I have thought of a notes program that would be perfect for any person. I originally intended to keep my idea secret and create it myself using sdk, publish it, and probably make a fairly good profit, but I do not have an apple computer and I am too busy of a person to go through the trouble of buying an apple computer or setting up leopard onto my pc, let alone learn sdk and build the software...

so the ideas for my notes program are as follows. I split up my ideas into 2 categories, "hard to program" & "easy to program"
(please note that I have never programed with sdk so I could be wrong about what is "hard" and what is "easy"". please correct me if you see something that is in the wrong category.)
(even with just the "easy to program" features, this notes program would still kick F****ing @$$.)

easy to program

-PPLEEAAASSEEE ---> search function (just like in the new contacts app, just type text into the field and it will find it)

-ability to create your own categories. (a category is like a directory, once you click on it, it shows you what is in that directory)

-ability to change the background color of specific notes & categories. (color coding)

-ability to permanently highlight text with different colors.

-ability to turn "auto correct" function off. (this function can be annoying sometimes)

-The ability to use a horizontal keyboard

-ability to turn off or turn down the keyboard button clicking sound.

-date and time remains included in note document when uploaded onto

-ability to email all notes at once with 1 button. (time saver)

-ability to arrange by modified, name, size & date.

-abilty to send a note shortcut to the desktop (so you can access it in 1 click)

-ability to save a note as the background(so that it is always there reminding you)

hard to program

-ability to easily upload the notes straight on to your computer, preferably using txt documents for different notes & using folders for different categories. (youd probably lose color coding & highlighting but that is no big deal, added to that fact that you could probably improvise your way around this)

-ability to simply talk into your iphone and your voice gets translated into text.

So here is my idea, tell me what you think and please, if you like what you see, go ahead and attempt to create it and publish it using SDK. As far as i am concerned, it is a very good program and should do an excellent job selling on the appstore.