I have a bunch of object I need to load in as my program opens and am currently using the method from the sqlitebooks example. But it doesn't seem to expand very gracefully as I have needed to add more object types.

I guess I’m trying to work out where this initalising code should go?
Connect to database, extract list of keys for each XX object, loop through keys and tell XX class to create new instance of XX object for each key, add object into my objectarray
(repeated for 4 different object types)

Should I be using a class method in for each of the object types? ‘+ (NSArray *)loadAndCreateObjects’ or something?
Like myBookArray = [Book loadAndCreateObjects];

Or do I need another class to do the work - ‘ObjectCreator’?
ObjectCreator *objectCreator = [[ObjectCreator alloc] init];
[objectCreator loadObjects];

Hope that makes sense?