Looking for a developer with iPhone/iTouch programming experience and jailbreak experience. App involves 1500-1800 Oil Company employees to receive messages on iTouch and transmit feedback to the main server. Below are some of the unanswered questions we have and would like to setup calls with anyone interested in contracting this job that has the ability to solve the questions at hand. This is an in-house corporate app and these are the initial questions creating a wall that we have to break through before further development can continue.

How To:

-Automatically update a program to a new version- implies being able to stop
itself, copy new program, install new program via-wifi.

-How to auto-start our app when the iTouch is turned on?

-How to remove the other icons from the screen to display on our icon?

Please contact via PM or contact the office.

601-825-2064 office