1)start WLAN EAP-SIM authentication in app
2)We have some hotspots which support EAP-SIM protocol, and now, we want to connect it by our App.I have installed a Wi-Fi certificate by iPhone Configure Tool for public hotspot, in the certificate file, my protocol type is EAP-SIM. It starts automatically when we connect the hotspot on iphone's Setting->Wi-Fi->[my hotspot], but it doesnot work when we connect the hotspot in our App.
3)We wrote a mail to apple,
>Can I send a notify(or invoke an API) in our App to active the authentication?
They said:
> there is no supported way to achieve the desired functionality given the currently shipping system configurations.

1)iphone's wifi module:
code reference:
SOLStumbler.m - uwecaugmentedrealityproject - UWEC Augmented Reality Project - Google Project Hosting
it use 'dlopen' to load the WiFiManager library dynamically, but it cannot invoke EAP-SIM authentication.

There is EAP-SIM methods in the WiFiManager library such as:
U _EAPOLControlCopyStateAndStatus
U _EAPOLControlKeyCopyInterface
U _EAPOLControlKeyCreate
U _EAPOLControlProvideUserInput
U _EAPOLControlStart
U _EAPOLControlStop
But i donot know how to use them.

2) Settings in iphone is a file named 'Preferences', decompiled it by IDA5.5, I cannot find the entrance to the WiFiManager library. It seems that ARM assembly is not supported so good by IDA.

I can find the code WIFI hotspot list in tableView but I cannot find tableView:didSelectRow code.

Pls find it at
EAP-SIM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3,Who can help?
1)proficient in ARM assembly, you can decompiled the file 'Preferences' manually or by IDA script.
2)You are boyfriend of Apple's developer.
3)You know how to start iphone system software in App.

4,Please contact
we pay if you DO help.