First off I'd like to apologize if this thread is inappropriate in this forum. I looked around for quite a bit and I had trouble deciding which would be best to post this in. If moderators think it needs to be moved, please point it in the right direction. Thanks.

I am looking for a programmer to create a very simple application, much simliar to the currect iPhone Speech Reader app, with the exception that this new program with not only display the speeches in full text but read the aloud to the user. Whether the speeches will be read by one voice or with actual sound clips has yet to be determined.

All the graphics for the project will be created by myself, so they can be tweaked however you may need. The users will be able to sort the speeches alphabetically or by speakers, possible into categories if it is feasible. A search function and photo of the speaker would be nice but are optional.

This application shouldn't take too terribly long to make, even though I have no experience programming for the iPhone my prior knowledge projects it should takes 2 weeks at most (if anyone thinks otherwise please let me know). Pay will be at a fixed hourly rate, and is negotiable. My name is Cody and I will be the project manager for the creation of this program. Please send me an email at if you are interested and I look forward to working with you!