I am looking to purchase an iPhone in the very near future. I am moving from a Palm Treo. While I am certainly looking forward to the new phone, I do enjoy how my Treo is a workhorse. It does everything I want it to. I am a big fan of convergance and have been able to use my Treo for phone, e-mail, text, an occassional internet search, navigation (via TomTom), and being able to read my Check Engine Light on my car. The iPhone will be able to do all of this. However, I really do not want to purchase a new OBD scanner and software. I have already doen that once and it is quite an investment. I have acurrent OBD scanner that communicates via BT.

All of that lead-in will bring me to this. The current software I use has been developed for Palm and Windows Mobile platforms. I have the source code for both. The software is free and I am allowed to modify and redistribute. I am getting to my question.

Is there anyway to take either the Palm or the Windows Mobile source code and develop an iPhone app with it? If so, is there a tutorial or could I get some direction on how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.