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Discuss [help] wich programmlanguage use? at the iPhone Developer Exchange -; wich programmlanguage do you use and wich programmlanguage should i use to work with the ...
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    Default [help] wich programmlanguage use?

    wich programmlanguage do you use
    and wich programmlanguage should i use to work with the SDK?

    I have some java, html and ST for SPS skills, so no really big ones.
    Nevertheless i want (want!) to programm with the sdk some easy struktured apps. (maybe some harders,too...later )

    first i would [should] learn,learn ... learn how to code.
    all this i know.

    So, wich would be the best programmlanguage for me to code with?
    ( i want (maybe later) programm an app wich handles with php sites and their texts and informations on it... more about that by and by.)

    iFrog. :iphone:

    //edit - any developer out theeeere?!
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