Hey Guys!

I hope I am allowed to post this help-request for my online questionnaire here, otherwise I'm very sorry, please notifiy me where it would be ok, but i think this is the best forum for my request, because I need specifically iOS app and modification developers for my research. It is absolutely not for commercial reasons, the only reason is that i need to finish my diploma thesis and need more replies to my questionnaire from iOS (and android, but they are not important here ) developers.

I absolutely love the work of smartphone develpers und you guys have been one of the main factors to choose a smartphone development for my diploma thesis. But now i have to conduct a questionnaire for which i need iOS developers and modders to participate. It lasts not longer than 5 minutes and it's about the motivation and the advantages of android/iOS programming. I really need your help, because if i don't be able to get enough replies until christmas I'm not able to finish my studies in this semester and it would be kind of nice to complete my master studies..

It would be really kind of you if you would read and fill out my survey - it takes not longer than 5-10 minutes => Exploring The Main Factors Of User Innovation Using The Example Of The Smartphone Operating Systems Android And Apple iOS And Their Associated Application Stores

Best regards, keep on rockin' and PLEASE help me,


(if there are any questions do not hesitate to contact me here or via my email-adress. )