Hi there, folks..

First time posting here.

I've created a couple scripts for backing up a couple of files from the iphone filesystem. Specifically i have two apps (ewallet and splashmoney) which hold important information, so I backup the databases once a day, creating daily, weekly and monthly backups. Pretty basic scripts, but still they were a cool opportunity to start scripting the iphone.

I also had to fiddle with launchd which was a nice learning oportunitiy as well. I've also made a script that runs everytime I connect to a specific wi-fi location and rsync's the backups to a remote computer.

I've got those tasks completed. Thing is I'd like to know if there's a command line tool in the iphone which can display a message box. A message box like reminders of appointments from the Calendar or the SMS messages you see in a blue balloon type message box. I'd like to know if there's a way I can invoke one of such message boxes from the script (from bash, specifically). I'd like it if I could display a message box everytime I rsync with the remote computer.

I've searched and googled a lot for that information, but just haven't been able to find it. I've fiddled a bit with commands in the bin directories, but haven't had good luck.

Thanks a lot!