Ohai Iphon-dev's

I've a simply stupid question...
But first of all I've to explain my standpoint.
I'm completely new in the iphone-dev-environment so this means I haven't even started coding for the phone yet
But I've written a program in C whose working well on my linux/ubuntu and too on my mac..(it's a direct image processor, allows cutting hand-drawn images) so I had the idea to rewrite this program for the iphone. For cutting those images i'm using some more or less complicate image processing algorithms.. Main lib for this is SDL, but i'm sure that ther's a way to do the same processing with the normal SDK too...(if it's possible to read and write pixel data i'm happy )

BUT now here's/'re my question/s..
Is it possible, on a normal Iphone (SDK 2.2.1),to open the iphone cam and to read out raw pixel data from the cam? In an uncoded format.. (e.g. RGB, YUV) However...
And how long would this take per image?

If not: Maybe with the new firmware 3, coming in summer and those new API's?
if it's not possible with the normal dev-envirnoment maybe with an hacked iphone and other, non-official-libs?

I know that i should post this question in an official SDK-Forum, blubb, (And yes i already did this!) but those guys were not able to give me a competent answer! I hope now you can...

thanks for your answers!