(I know this isn't iPhone related at all but, I thought I'd post this in here anyways. Ton's of talented developers in here)

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Open Source - Internet & Web - Bonjour

Click for the latest stable release (mDNSResponder-107.6.tar.gz) but,

http://opensource.apple.com/darwinso...r-108.6.tar.gz is the latest version (dated from july of '07). Inside is a folder called "mDNSMacOS9"

On the Apple Mailing Lists for Bonjour, it was confirmed(back in 2004) that this folder contains the sourcecode for

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a system extension that you can build and install on Mac OS 9, and it exports the same socket-based DNSServiceDiscovery API that's available on Mac OS X, Windows, and POSIX.
The slight problem is that it appears that the source code was coded using CodeWarriors. The reason that I bring this up is I have an old iMac DV 400 Mhz running OS 9 & probably am going to pick up an airport card from Macsales.com. But, alas, I lack the knowledge (or CodeWeavers itself for that matter) to compile this extension for OS 9.

Might anyone have any experience compiling things in CodeWarriors and/or porting the code to xCode ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated