I have an iPhone 4S & MacBook Pro 13' (OSX 10.8). My contacts & calendars were on my iPhone & I synced them to MBP using iTunes. Also, have my contacts synced to iCloud from my iPhone.

1) Now, in my MBP Contacts I have all 356 contacts in iCloud - All iCloud but On My Mac - All on my Mac its just showing up 134 out of 356 contacts. How can I have all my 356 contacts under All on my Mac?

2) In Calendar on MBP, under Preferences> Alerts; the defaults time is set for All Day Events & Birthday to 9AM for;
On day of Event (9AM)
1 day before (9AM)
2 days before (9AM)
How can we edit this to any other time as per choice?

Pls assist.