Hey guys,

Just after a little bit of advice for my little brother.

A mate of his last year gave him an iPhone 4s handset. The phone was lost and replaced by his provider under his insurance.
The phone was later found and returned to him with a smashed screen. When he called his provider to ask wether they wanted the handset, he was told not to bother since his claim was already completed.

The friend then gave the handset to my brother as it could still be used as an MP3 player. Despite the smashed screen the touch screen still worked, and it seemed to function fine using Wifi. The phone was locked to the Australian Vodafone network, although as the phone was replaced, the provider has barred the imei number from the network.

My question is: If the phone was to be unlocked, is it possible to use another providers sim card in it? My brother would like to know before he invests any money in unlocking it and repairing the screen.
Have looked online and it seems there is no software unlock for 4s, and he does not want to pay to unlock it if he will still not be able to use it.

Any info would be appreciated.