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Discuss Please help sprint iphone 4s at the iPhone 4s -; i purchased a new sprint iphone 4s from a so called friend on the 30th ...
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    Default Please help sprint iphone 4s

    i purchased a new sprint iphone 4s from a so called friend on the 30th of oct for 400$.... then on halloween we both got a little 2 drunk and got into an argument. He then called sprint and told them that he either lost or had it stolen so the meid is blocked. i called sprint to explain the situation they told me im crap out of luck. Is there a away to hack or get around this, or unlock the gsm so i can use it on another network?

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    You cannot change the MEID/IMEI on the phone, attempting to do so is illegal in most countries, and the software required to do so is also illegal. You will need to work with the carrier to get this resolved. Since changing MEID/IMEI is illegal, we cannot allow discussion of it or any circumvention methods on the forums.

    You (or him) will need to call Sprint to remove the phone from the blacklist. All that it requires is that the account owner call back. If he isn't willing to do it, the best you can do is attempt to return the phone to him.

    This is another reason we don't recommend buying iPhones second-hand directly from individuals, you end up having little to no power with the carrier.

    Last but not least, there is no public unlock for the iPhone 4S's baseband yet, so there is no known way to allow you to use the phone on a GSM network. Keep your ears to the ground, though, as I expect we'll hear something by the end of November.

    Good luck!

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