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Discuss Please help me BRICKED IPHONE 3GS at the iPhone 4s -; 4.2.1 it was jailbroken and unlocked. It was force closing all my apps, wouldn't let ...
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    Exclamation Please help me BRICKED IPHONE 3GS

    4.2.1 it was jailbroken and unlocked.
    It was force closing all my apps, wouldn't let me make calls.
    So I thought a restore would make it better.
    Everytime I tried to restore it on I tunes I always get some sort of error, I've tried iREB, different port, I have NO other computer.
    I've restarted my computer, the phone won't go past the apple, I've been trying for 3 days. I have my new born daughters pictures, appointments, just everything and I can't afford a new phone.

    the firmware im trying to use is iPhone3Gs_4.2.1_8C148_Custom.[iPhoneRock.Com].ipsw

    I have about 6 others but that's the only one I tunes accepts

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    First, the bad news is you've most likely already destroyed the data on the device. Let me just get that out of the way. You may be lucky enough to have it in a backup if you synced before you started trying to restore every .IPSW you could find on the internet.

    Secondarily, DO NOT DOWNLOAD RANDOM CUSTOM FIRMWARE FROM THE INTERNET AND ATTEMPT TO RESTORE THEM TO YOUR PHONE. THIS IS THE WORST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF BAD IDEAS, beyond it just being illegal (copyright infringement), you have no idea what that firmware is supposed to do or whether they have added anything to the firmware (some custom firmwares have been found in the wild with proxy server settings that send ALL NETWORK DATA including your passwords, e-mail accounts, etc. to a third party that monitors it). Use PwnageTool or redsn0w to create your custom firmware, and download the .IPSW's directly from Apple ONLY.

    Third, you can't restore iOS 4.x on a 3GS without SHSH. If you don't know what those are, read the link in my sig or google it. The short answer is that if you don't have one, you'll ALWAYS get a 3194 or similar error.

    Last but not least, if you attempt to restore and you're still getting errors, please read the 'Restore Problems' link in my signature and follow the instructions to post a workable restore log for us to peruse. That said, read the rest of this post first -- I don't want to see a restore log that covers errors I've already detailed above .
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