I need some help, I have post this issue in many boards, with out success, I installed Mountain Lion 10.8 and installed all my apps and the last thing I did was hooked my iPhone 4s to iTunes 10.5.3 and since then I have been receiving the following message: "This iPhone is already activated. You may disconnect this iPhone now".
I then tried to hook the iPhone in Windows 7 and iTunes did not give me any error, I have reset my iPhone via the settings and restored it via iCloud and of course this did not work. I think that wiping all out will work, but then I would have to upgrade to 5.1 which I do not think is jailbrakeable. I have SAM in my phone and I am hesitant to use it, all the information I have seen, none is for the 4s.
I am on AT&T and the I purchased the iPhone in an AT&T store,
Any idea how I may solve this issue?
Thank you