I dont know if anyone can help? I found an iphone whilst on holiday over 1 metre under snow in -30 degrees! I dried it out, bought a charger back home and charged it up, unbelievably it works! The sim is Movistar ,the screen was in spanish and the phone according to the imei that I checked is under a cntract. There was a screen lock on it. I paid for and downloaded from Unlock or Jailbreak iPhone 4S/4 and 3GS/3G Tutorial and Guide Available a jailbreak/unlock. I have tried running it but with the Movistar sim in it it says the sim is locked and with an orange sim in it all I get is a warning box "The attached device is not activated. You need to activate it before you can apply the jailbreak."
Needless to say the company I bought the software from wont reply, (I guess Ive been screwed?) and I dont know what to do. Im not a tecchie, so please if anyone can help, I would be greatful for any help