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Discuss will i be able to use iphone 4??? at the iPhone 4 -; hey everyone i'm new so i apologise if this is a repeat... my friend recently ...
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    Default will i be able to use iphone 4???

    hey everyone i'm new so i apologise if this is a repeat...
    my friend recently asked me if i wanted to purchase his iphone 4 as he didn't like it anymore and had paid the contract off early (on contract with vodafone since september).
    however, other friends have told me he just stopped paying the contract (and that it's probably imei blacklisted)... and he can't prove he paid it off as he "is waiting for paperwork that can take 28 days - something to do with warranty, etc).
    so i attempted to put a vodafone pay as you go SIM (which is what i will be using) in, it comes up with "vodafone uk" but no signal bars AT ALL. it also comes up with a message saying "waiting for activation, this may take some time", then that disappears after 5 mins.
    the phone functions but when i try to make a call the call fails (no beeps - just fails straight away). i have been told it can take 24 hours to activate with vodafone but only after it is activated on itunes...
    so in summary...

    1. does it sound as though the phone is blacklisted?
    2. if it is, is there anything i can do?
    3. if it's not, does it need to be reactivated on MY itunes (my computer) and how do i do it?
    4. is it normal for activation of the SIM to take this long? (i put it in at 5:30pm last night)

    i have told my friend he will get no money from me until the phone is working accordingly...
    any help you guys have would be greatly appreciated as i'm desperate to have an iphone 4 if i'm honest...

    thanks in advance

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    1) Yep. Sounds like an IMEI blacklist.
    2) Unfortunately, no. They'll only listen to the person who originally purchased and initiated the contract -- your friend will need to resolve his issue with payment on the contract to legitimately return the device to service.
    3) Don't think so, I think it's IMEI blacklisted, but if it does require a reactivation, reboot the phone and plug it in to iTunes -- it will reattempt to activate.
    4) Nope, really should not take that long -- the last time anything took that long was when the 3GS was released .
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