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Discuss using for a 2nd time? at the iPhone 4 -; so no one helped me out from my last post which said: Originally Posted by ...
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    Default using for a 2nd time?

    so no one helped me out from my last post which said:

    Quote Originally Posted by brigham7 View Post
    Im on a JB iphone 4 running os 4.0.1

    I JB the first day it came out, and havent had any problems til a couple days ago... Cydias been working just great then out of nowhere cydias been having problems with packages. actually with just removing packages. when i go to modify-remove the black screen comes up and says

    (reading database... 2053 files and directories currently installed.)
    Removing ...

    but at the bottom of the screen the bar bounces back and forth from downloading packages and downloading translation - en then as the blue progress bar gets to the end, it stops with just a sliver left at 'downloading packages'

    Im just wondering what my options are, i am thinking ill have to reinstall cydia, but im not exactly sure how to do that... any help would be great!
    so i went to on my phone (still having problems) I figured maybe rejailbreaking it might revive cydia, and at the site it says "Warning: It looks like you're already jailbroken. Doing it again might be harmful"

    so i can just ignore my cydia problems, or i could try to fix it, does anyone have any suggestions? worse case scenario i could restore it through itunes and rejailbreak right?

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    I would do just that. Restore through itunes, as long as you have you're SHSH's blobs. as itunes is not signing the digi keys anymore. But i had to do this as well. used unmbrella to go back from 4.2 to 4.1. and then re broke the phone...

    Everything is working great now.

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    I know there's a way to clear out the package cache on Cydia and return dpkg to a state where it's not trying to repeatedly install that failing package, but I'd wager that it's likely a better idea to do what gqtrebor recommends -- back up your phone to iTunes (so you can pull the databases out specifically), restore back to 4.0 or 4.0.1 using SHSH, use Firmware Umbrella to kick out of restore mode (baseband SHSH error will occur at the end of flash). Make a backup of your iPhone backup (it will be overwritten when you tell iTunes to set up as a new phone), then tell iTunes to set up as a new phone.

    Jailbreak, install SSH (or use DiskAid/iPhoneBrowser/iFunBox) and copy the SMS.db and Call History.db files back over to their respective directories (and any other data you want to transfer manually, pictures, etc.), then start reinstalling packages.

    I would avoid whatever package added manually -- I know the source is a common source and it shouldn't be a problem to have it as a source, but as I recall it's in the Big Boss's Community Sources package, so there shouldn't be a reason to have it in a secondary package. If you can identify what package installed that, you will probably find your culprit.

    Good luck and keep us updated!
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