Hello guys,

i'm kinda going nuts on this problem. I have an iPhone 4 that was updated to 4.3 (only SHSH available before 4.3.5) using TinyUmbrella to preserve BB 01.59.00. The iPhone was previously on 4.0.1 and for some reason Ultrasn0w stopped working so that is why i updated it.

After getting to 4.3 with BB 01.59.00 and jailbreaking the phone i installed Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 but the unlock doesn't want to work at all... and just as a note i haven't restored any info to it yet so is freshly installed with no other soft.

Basically a clean 4.3 activated with an original sim, jailbroken and with cydia and ultrasn0w installed. Ultrasn0w doesn't work, Gevey sim works o_O

Is there a way i can debug this through terminal or any other way?? I really want to keep my software unlock and not use those crappy sim interposers