Ok so I have Dreamboard installed in my iOS 4.XXX? under the Endroid theme (which I have to add is quite stunning and smooth) and i have recently been caught in a Freeze Reboot Loop.

I hear the easiest way for this fix would be Download iExplorer/i-FunBox and simply navigate my way to the source file and EXTERMINATE IT! Or use SB settings to put it into Safe mode but heres where the hiccup comes into play, I have USB Drive on my iPhone and anyone with that knows that they can basically disguise their phone as a USB drive and i dont have SB settings so i cant be ninja like and click it.

My phone is under the DRIVE ONLY tab... so iExplorer/i-FunBox and My Computer does not read the iphone.

What I am asking for is a possible way where I can either
A. Get my phone into SAFE MODE
B. Navigate the depths of my iPhone in DFU mode
C. Beat this atrocity