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Discuss RE: Jailbreak issues at the iPhone 4 -; Its been a long time that i didn't visit this forum due tons of hardware ...
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    Default RE: Jailbreak issues

    Its been a long time that i didn't visit this forum due tons of hardware repair all day .

    Now my concern is all about iPhone 4 Jailbreaking. Since the first iPhone 4 jailbreak is out,i didn't encounter any hassle's or issues with jailbreaking. We're the biggest and the first iPhone repairing business here,and we receive plenty units a day.

    The other day, we receive a legit(factory unlock) iPhone 4. Customer's willing to have his iPhone jailbroken, for some apps purpose. Jailbreak process went well.I'm using latest greenpoison both mac and windoze. As we observe after the jailbreak process,like few hours. the network(signal) strength begins to decrease.And with the following hours its gone,no network(signal) at all.

    I did restoring again,jailbreaking,patches,ssh system patches(edit) and etc.. and still same thing happen.

    Now do you guy's encounter this kind of issue's? I'm thinking of might apple plant some stuff in a legit a unit to avoid jailbreakers?As i think also, might apple seen the IMEI so they blocked it.

    One thing i didn't done yet is,changing the NOR chip.(last resort. )

    Now i welcome you guy's to post any opinions,solution's,suggestion,anything you want to comment.

    Thanks Hackint0sh!

    Best Regards,

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    That sounds quite strange... I've not seen any other reports of this.

    Doubt that greenpois0n would cause this - it does not install any hacktivation.
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