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Discuss Is my iPhone 4 baseband dead? at the iPhone 4 -; Hey, OS Version: Windows 7 iTunes 10.5 Restore Log: 2011-11-06 20:09:17.070 [4472:117c]: restore library built ...
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    Unhappy Is my iPhone 4 baseband dead?


    OS Version: Windows 7
    iTunes 10.5 Restore Log: 2011-11-06 20:09:17.070 [4472:117c]: restore library built Sep 14 2011 at 01:30: -
    iPhone OS version (before restore/update) 5.0

    I've just had my (factory unlocked) iPhone 4 replaced in an Apple Store three days before my 1-year warranty ended because it had a HW problem.

    I've have my "new" iPhone (the replacement) for barely a week and I didn't drop it or got it wet, and it used to work great.

    It came with iOS 5.0 and I decided I wanted to jailbreak it even though it was tethered.

    I used redsn0w 0.9.9b8 and it didn't quite work (maybe I just didn't realize I had to boot it for the first time)
    and then I flashed it with sn0wbreeze-v2.8b9. I think that it ruined my iPhone because when it was done and I booted with iBooty the iPhone was stuck on "Searching...", I have not Wi-Fi (grayed out) and no bluetooth and I can't see my modem version.

    Reproducible: When trying to restore it with iTunes 10.5 and latest iOS 5.0 official firmware it's failing in the very last part with unknown error (-1).
    I think my baseband is corrupted or dead because from the log you can clearly see:

    bbupdater: !!! bbupdater: Exception at :0:
    - kBBUReturnTimedOut(8)/16: Pinging timed out

    I've tried redsn0w's "Recovery Fix" and the os loads up with no radio.
    Also re-flashing (from pwned DFU mode) with sn0wbreeze's custom IPSW works with no errors but still no radio after boot.
    My SIM card is fine, tried it on different iPhone 4's and tried other working SIM cards in my phone.

    Any advice?

    Ideas I've had that are probably worthless:
    - trying iOS 5.0.1 beta 2 but it would probably get stuck on the same issue.
    - perhaps draining the battery by not charging it for a while and perhaps the baseband will come out of an inifinite loop.


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    Unfortunately, it really does look like the baseband is dead here. It's only responding properly to one out of like 15-20 different things it's being asked to do, and the thing it's responding to isn't important during the restore process. You're probably going to want to attempt to flash back to a standard iOS and bring it back to Apple to replace.... Sorry, but I don't think powerdraining/cycling is going to make a difference and I don't believe 5.0.x betas would be a good idea (even if you have your UDID registered with Apple, I don't think a restore is going to fix the problem, your device isn't responding to the flash requests or ping requests, so a different baseband shouldn't elicit a different response).
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