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Discuss Iphone 4, serious redsn0w issue at the iPhone 4 -; Hey guys, new to this forum so hope this is the correct section / hope ...
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    Default Iphone 4, serious redsn0w issue

    Hey guys, new to this forum so hope this is the correct section / hope you deal with this stuff!

    I have jailbroken my iphone 4, running 5.0.1, with redsn0w 0.9.10b5c. It has been running perfect for a month or 2, but as of recent has been getting more and more dodgy (Volume some times not working, messages and stuff dissapearing), and it has now got to the point where I can no longer charge without turning off my phone (presumably when redsn0w is no longer controlling my device), and my computer will no longer recognise my iphone, leaving me unable to sync / restore..

    I have tried and have been unable to
    -I am unable to enter DFU mode, the little apple sign comes up, but after following instructions over 5 times am unable to get into DFU mode on the phone meaning I cannot currently re-jailbreak
    -Tried multiple computers I get 'unregnised USB device' when plugging in phone on all of them.
    -Deleting most apps I have from cydia such as winterboard, syssettings.

    Any insight in what to do would be greatly appreciated, and if I have come completely the wrong place a link to anywhere else would be great

    Thanks for your time ~Tom

    Didnt know if worth mentioning, but running WIN7, and have running redsn0w in admin mode
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    This is almost guaranteed to not be an issue specifically with the jailbreak and more likely sounds like a problem with your logic board or dock connector. redsn0w doesn't 'control' the device as described in your example, that's not really how the jailbreak works. Without going really in-depth (read the wiki if you really want in-depth information about how the jailbreak process works), the jailbreak specifically doesn't touch anything that would cause those errors, and it's not something that 'runs' while the phone is active, it's something that executes on phone boot and that's it.

    It's smart to have checked the installed packages to see if there was a conflict, but the only packages that would mess with your USB would be USB Disk style applications. If you downloaded one of those and haven't removed it yet, you probably should. If you haven't downloaded anything that would mess with USB, your answer really is likely to be that you should restore the phone to iOS 5.1 and see if the problems still exist. The problem with this is that there's only a tethered jailbreak / semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 right now, so this will impact functionality. Unfortunately there's no way to restore to an iOS 5.x that Apple is not signing -- SHSH do not work.

    In any case, if you're having such issues getting into DFU mode and restoring, the issue is 99.95% not with the jailbreak but with your hardware itself. If you don't want to restore, you can remove visible traces of jailbreaking (use poof to hide all your jailbreak apps) and bring it to the Apple store, so long as you don't have a modified boot logo. They can then try in their shop and if the phone is still under warranty, may replace it with one that is working.
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