I was on the road today and enjoying a bag of Hersey Kisses. When I reached my stop I thoughtlessly put my Iphone into a pocket full of kisses. The heat melted the chocolate and engulfed my iphone, it even went into the audio plug jack.

Being the genius I am, I decided to lick and wash my phone until the chocolate was gone. I then turned my phone on and the audio volume notification displayed on the screen for some time without me pressing any buttons (It raised to max and stayed there). Then, the phone turned off.

Because my power button is broken, I connected my phone to an adapter attached on the wall. The iphone logo started flickering about ever 3 seconds and then randomly goes to my lock screen and gives me an "Activication required" notification.

Trying to prevent the situation from getting worse, I followed through with the process until I got a "connect to Itunes" notification. So I took my iphone out of the wall dock, and then my iphone went blank. Then I connected my phone to my laptop but my phone refused to perform any action (It still turns on after awhile using my wall dock).

So there's my dilemma. Whenever I try to turn on my iphone, I get flickering Iphone logos. If im lucky enough, I get the "Activiation required" lock screen. To which I cant follow through because my iphone wont turn on when connected to my laptop.

Any suggestions?

Please help me before I fry it in the microwave for 200 hits on Utube.